Although most of our business is bespoke, PROMART has a range of products carried in stock and capable of being manufactured within a tight deadline. The products shown here are just a small sample of our range:

The PRO-ficient Servery System

The PRO-ficient Servery System range represents the very best in modular design and functionality and can be used as 'drop in' units to extend any servery layout you care to design. All units within the range can be fitted to any new or existing counter base or shopfitted unit and will add a touch of quality and style to any servery system.

Our stylish PRO-ficient units are completely self contained and designed to complement each other perfectly. When used in combination with other PRO-ficient units or as simple stand alone counters, they can be relied on to perform well for many years.

Available in a range of sizes and finishes with many optional extras to extend functionality, the comprehensive PRO-ficient range includes: chilled and heated displays, chilled multi-decks, chilled fan blown decks and wells, chilled and heated deli units, heated bain marie units, heated ceramic hotplates.

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Service Wall

This modular system has been cleverly designed to take the headache out of service access. Designed from the ground up for the catering industry and manufactured to a high standard, the versatile elements of the wall allow you to configure any combination of work surfaces, storage cupboards, shelves, sinks, passage voids, partitions and suspended ceilings.

Accurate joints between panels prevent pest and dust ingress and, manufactured from stainless steel, the system is easy to easy clean so that hygiene standards can be maintained.

Meal Transporters

Designed and developed in partnership with large scale catering departments, PROMART Meal Train units help maintain a constant heated temperature during the transportation of finished cooked food from a central kitchen to outlying areas.

To ensure that each meal can be continually monitored for food chain temperature records, each hot cupboard has a digital controller and thermometer display.

Every compartment is lockable and all parts are tamper proof and securely fitted. Each unit is individually numbered to assist with identification, content control and logistics.

High capacity compartments provide versatility as to what is transported or stored and each heated compartment is individually sealed, individually heated and individually controlled to store a variety of plated meals or bulk food containers.

Meal Train units can be supplied with a special condensation release to ensure food retains its freshly cooked texture.

Hot Food Merchandiser

PROMART hot food merchandisers are attractive top quality products manufactured in stainless steel and capable of holding hot baked potatoes, pastries or pizzas etc in optimum condition prior to sale.

They have a unique and stylish appearance that will complement a wide variety of schemes; integrated illumination adds an attractive effect to help you display and sell.

Curved front doors facilitate self service and there is also a circular model that has rear doors for loading. You can select a flat-backed version that will fit into a small space against a wall.

Stadium Food Merchandiser

Providing top quality fast food to a mass sports or entertainment gathering has never been easier.

The PROMART stadium food units are ideal wherever it's important to be able to provide quality fast food from high capacity regen, heat and store units.

No matter what the event or size of crowd, you can quickly serve well presented hot pastries, pizzas, pies or pasties from our powerful multi deck units.

Highly efficient heating on independently controlled shelves gives even temperatures without the need to over stock.

Our units give you the opportunity to compartmentalise food at various states of readiness for the inevitable rush at half-time or when the entertainment takes an interval.

Meeting the highest of standards in safety and food hygiene, these reliable and robust units are manufactured to withstand years of sustained use.

Special Refrigerators

PROMART has put wine display and sales right into the heart of any restaurant or bar.

Our stunning display fridges utilise dramatic illumination to show bottled beverages at their sparkling best. A combination of glass and highly polished stainless steel add a touch of quality to your beverage display where too often drinks are kept on shelves or in basic fridges behind counters.

As with all PROMART refrigeration, compressors can be integrated discretely or may be sited well away in a remote location. Condensation and insulation is dealt with efficiently and our specially developed door seals and electronic controls ensure that temperatures are accurately maintained.

Stainless Steel Catering Fabrications

At the heart of PROMART can be found a highly skilled and well equipped engineering workshop with all of the sophisticated facilities you would expect from the industry leaders.

We have the capability to design and manufacture from a broad range of modern materials and our stainless steel fabrications are of the highest standard.

To ensure maximum rigidity and long service life, we standardise on a robust all-welded construction.?The performance and quality of a rigid PROMART bench or table is far superior than any "knock down" product. Smooth joints, rounded edges and no exposed fixings or dirt traps ensure that our benches and tables are hygienic and easy to keep clean.

PROMART benches and tables can be supplied to any length or configuration. A wide range of extras and bespoke design options extend the functionality of these versatile products.

Any design of free standing, mobile and wall shelving is available to suit any requirement and to enable you to maximise storage capacity. As with all of our fabrication we standardise on a robust all-welded stainless steel construction with the option of die cast aluminium brackets on some wall shelves as appropriate. In instances where shelving is on show, for example behind a bar or front of house counter, we can supply shelving in a highly polished mirror finish. PROMART shelving can be supplied to any length or configuration.

PROMART has been improving the design and efficiency of modular cupboards for decades. Available in standard sizes and as heated, ambient or chilled options, our modular cupboards will integrate neatly with many other units such as benches, shelving and sinks. PROMART modular cupboards feature unique design elements that set them apart in style and performance. Accurate temperature control can be achieved and mobile units can be supplied with commando socket connection.

Our methods of production permit innovation and experimentation and we can draw on an enormous depth of experience to provide you with the ideal solution to your special circumstances.

All stainless steel is top quality 304 or 430 grade as appropriate.