Our business reputation is built on quality design and manufacturing and commitment to service. We listen to your ideas and develop them into something that will work for you for many years to come as well as offering you the very best in customer support.

Our services include:

  • Site survey
  • CAD
  • Design
  • Project management
  • Technical sales and consultations
  • CE Mark
  • Full documentation
  • Delivery and installation
  • Maintenance and spares
  • Training

Site Survey

Each site is different and each customer makes unique demands that require bespoke solutions. PROMART works to close tolerances to achieve an accurate fit. Even if we are given recent architect's drawings we carefully survey where our products are to be located and consider where and how they may be delivered.

Well before we draw your designs, we will know if installation requires a crane, whether a stairwell is passable and where services such as electricity, gas, water, drains, refrigeration and computer networks need to be located.

When PROMART is managing an entire project, including building works, we will work to our own accurate drawings throughout.


Accuracy and attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do at PROMART and these attributes are very evident in our CAD office where a highly skilled team produce detailed 2D drawings and 3D computer models that are used by our shop floor to manufacture each bespoke product.

The majority of our CAD team have come through from our shop floor so are well rooted in the demands of manufacturing to our exacting standards. They know what will work effectively in your design and have an impressive range of computer resources available to them.

All drawings are kept on file so, if product changes are required many years after installation, we can refer to exact details of what was manufactured and ensure consistency.


Our project managers work with designers to ensure that the desired form and function of your product is achieved. We have extensive knowledge of how our servery counters, bars and kitchens can be shaped to fit available space and have a library of finishes for worktops and frontages. We are increasingly using specialist illumination to achieve stunning results.

Project Management

PROMART has a skilled team of project managers who each have decades of experience in a broad range of technical disciplines in the catering, hospitality and retail industries.

Among this team are the Directors of PROMART who naturally have a vested interest in ensuring that each project is a shining success.

They all appreciate that our best marketing statement is the quality of each project and the satisfaction of each customer.

Technical Sales and Presentations

As a customer your first face-to-face contact with PROMART will probably be with one of our sales managers who will advise you how best to realise your design ideas and operational requirements.

The PROMART sales department is a well informed team with their fingers on the pulse of the entire catering industry and with experience of the sharp-end in restaurants, bars and kitchens.

CE Mark

When European conformity legislation was first introduced, PROMART was early to realise its importance and undertook the trouble and cost to be independently assessed for conformity.

Where appropriate we issue Certificates of Conformity and CE Numbers according to the relevant European Directives and keep careful records so you can be assured of the quality of our products.

All necessary harmonised standards such as BS and BSEN? are also itemised.

Full Documentation

In accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, PROMART is able to supply full documentation related to:

  • Health and safety
  • On-site installation procedures
  • Methods statements
  • COSHH data sheets
  • Risk assessments
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Individual equipment data sheets
  • Sustainability

PROMART view this thoroughness as part and parcel of delivering a quality product.

Maintenance & Spares

While many of our food and beverage counters and kitchens have been operational for many years without any problems, regular maintenance will help keep things working to their optimum performance level.

Often this will simply involve keeping equipment clean and clear of dust and waste and keeping controls set to their correct levels. Our design and manufacturing techniques result in very robust products that stand the test of time even in busy traffic areas such as corporate or high street restaurants.

If items do suffer damage or simply wear out, we carry a wide range of spares to get things operational again with the minimum of fuss.


Over the decades that PROMART has traded, we've designed, manufactured and installed a huge variety of food and beverage counters, kitchen and dishwash areas as well as all of the associated equipment.

When necessary, either before or after hand-over, one of our technical sales managers will carefully train end-users how to operate and maintain their scheme.

All relevant operation and maintenance manuals will be made available and we won't leave until everyone is comfortable about using every aspect of the counter or kitchen. We always have people on the road so, if you need more help, just get in touch.