Bespoke Markets


Luxurious hotels, clubs and leisure centres around the world have impressive restaurants, kitchens and bars designed, built and fitted by PROMART.

We understand the importance of making a positive impression and also of providing your customers with top quality and well presented food and drink.

PROMART servery counters and commercial kitchens are all bespoke designs that make the best of the location in which they are to be fitted.

Our designs work with you and your staff, not only to enhance the preparation, storage and display of meals and beverages but also to ensure your kitchen, bar or restaurant works to its best potential.


Retail Chain

Many restaurants serving customers of large retail chains are busy all day long. They serve breakfasts, lunches, snacks and evening meals to a hungry and thirsty throng of shoppers and the experience of eating and drinking in-store has to reflect the ethos and culture of the rest of the store.

Preparation, cooking, storage and presentation has to be of a high standard and although shoppers sometimes welcome the opportunity to relax over lunch, they often want to simply fuel up before getting on with the business of shopping. PROMART understands all of this and has extensive experience in making it all work efficiently and impressively.


Corporate dining rooms have to impress, particularly if prestigious customers are entertained over an important business lunch or a critical breakfast meeting.

PROMART has provided many head offices with well thought out servery counters and kitchen facilities designed to cope with high capacity covers over short meal or coffee breaks.

Multi-cultural employees and a broad range of dining tastes and diets have resulted in the need to provide a wide choice of food and drink.

PROMART has the experience and expertise to ensure that corporate dining works efficiently in an impressive and low maintenance range of bespoke solutions and PROMART has answered the needs of some of the largest UK and international businesses.


Public Sector

PROMART can demonstrate a wide variety of successful public sector projects where our tendering methods and buying power has put us in first place time after time.


High Street

High street restaurants have to attract a constant supply of customers and return a profit in order to survive in a highly competitive environment. Whether your project is new-build or refurbishment, PROMART has everything you need to realise your vision from design to opening launch.

Our project management team can help with:

  • Design
  • Regulations and legislation
  • Services
  • Back of house equipment and systems
  • Operational flow
  • Front of house displays and serveries
  • Beverage displays


Retail Food Sales

Retail food counters take many knocks, particularly on the customer side, and have to be able to withstand many years of constant use and abuse. We can provide everything you need for the preparing, cooking, regenerating, storing and cooling of food. We use bespoke design and manufacturing techniques beyond those of the average shopfitter so that our counters stand the test of time.


Heritage Building Projects

Working closely with top architects or project managing areas specific to our own expertise, PROMART has completed many jobs in heritage buildings. In each case we have been able to design servery or kitchen solutions in sympathy with the needs of the client and the historic aspects of the building. The end result is always a stunning and functional design.

As a matter of course we provide comprehensive CAD and service drawings to minimise the potential impact on Listed Buildings.

The following list details just a handful of some of our heritage site projects:

  • House of Commons
  • Trinity College - Cambridge
  • Chatsworth House
  • St. Johns College - Cambridge
  • The National Gallery
  • Royal Acedemy of Art
  • The Wallace Collection
  • Victoria Gallery and Museum - Liverpool